Sunday, October 12, 2014

To my little.

You get to find out who I am this week--and the excitement is nearly killing me.
I remember being in your position last year. I had made the same kind of list you made, and picked five women I looked up to who I would want as my big. The night of reveal came, and I had no idea who would be waiting for me downstairs.
I knew that ultimately, my big was meant to be a mentor and guide through my experience in Kappa Delta; but I wanted a big for so much more than that.
I've never had an older sister--and I wanted somebody to fill that role for me. Somebody to look up to, somebody to gush and cry to about boys, and somebody to love me when I felt like giving up.
My big does all that--and so much more for me. She's the first person I go to after a long shift at work, and the one person I just have to tell when I go on a date with a cute boy [or kiss said cute boy]. She's my go to shopping buddy, the deciding factor in a lot of my decisions, and my secret keeper. Beyond that, she's who I look to when I need advice, or an example to follow of how to be a better daughter, sister, friend, or person in general. 
Little, I don't know everything about you yet, and you don't know everything about me. But I promise I'm going to try my hardest to be the best big sister you'll ever have. I'll be there with caffeine and snacks on those inevitable late-night study parties--and there to celebrate after you ace your tests and finals. I'll be there to help pick an outfit for your first date with the boy you've had a crush on for weeks--and if needed, have ice cream and a chick flick ready when things don't work out [and be ready to hunt him down if needed]. I'll do my best to be the voice of reason when you need advice--and I'm ready to play the devil's advocate when I need to. I'll be your midnight food-run buddy, the angel on your shoulder, your partner-in-crime, personal cheerleader, and your biggest fan. Most importantly, I'll be there to love you on your best and worst days--and stick by you through it all. 
I'm not perfect, and we may not always get along. But I will always, always, always have your back. 
Have fun this week, little one--I can't wait til Wednesday! 
Love, your big.