Sunday, December 30, 2012

Make it count.

Let's see...this break has been quite uneventful. Not. Almost got fired on Thursday. Then again on Friday. And almost quit all those days and then some. But luckily, I'm a lucky girl and I think I may have it all figured out. So no worries, I'll be serving pie until the end of time.
So I've been home even more this break, and it's been wonderful. Christmas night, we [my mom, dad, Brittany, Melanie, Dan, Sheron, Branden, Carrie, Clint, Owen, and Maddy] went to a late showing of Les Miserables. And I cried like a baby. Seriously folks, if you haven't seen it yet? DO IT. It's incredible. Well worth the time and money. So ignore the quality of the picture and believe me when I say the excitement could not be contained--neither could the tears.
Then I went to Morgan's house on Wednesday night, and for the first time in a long time, it felt like it used to. We played Murderer in the Dark like we were in junior high again, and then took thirty minutes to get home because the roads were so bad. Thursday I went up to work again, and then last night?
I got to be with my best friend again. Emily and I are a disaster without each other, and a mess when we're together. So we went ice skating with her brother Tim, Bronson, Jon, and Jackson for a YSA activity. We're both awful, in case you were wondering.
After far too many farewells in one day, I can safely tell you that the future of this church is in good hands. I'm so proud of my friends that are serving missions, and even though I'm going to miss them all like crazy, there's nowhere else I'd have them be. 
It's New Year's Eve tomorrow....and we're going to make 2012 go out with a bang. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reason for the season.

I love being home. Because I get to see Christmas lights with my cute sisters. [We saw a Christmas moose, a Christmas dragon, and a Christmas moose. If they're made of Christmas lights, they're holiday animals. Ask Mary, and my mom.]

Christmas means family parties, and seeing this little cutie. I haven't seen him for three months, at least, and he's the happiest little guy I've met. He didn't let me put him down for a majority of the night, and I was perfectly okay with that.

Same family Christmas party, just a different view. All of the Bell cousins, making donuts, drinking hot chocolate, and opening presents for the cousin gift exchange. We even got Amy's family--who lives in Vancouver--in on the fun via FaceTime. Here's a mass of the small children, watching the Lay's open their gifts, and vice versa. My family is definitely cooler than yours.

Not really sure what this one is for, but we must be related or something.

I love Christmas morning, and this year? I got leggings to match Mary's. We rocked the matching outfits today, and my great grandma told me, "Those are the classiest pants I have ever seen." You better believe they are.
Then I was at the Kunzler's getting destroyed at Uno and Phase 10, and my mom told me to hurry home because Matt and Braxton had brought a present over for me. I came home to this little beauty, and you better believe it's going up in my room. I'm a lucky girl, ladies and gents.
Even though presents and games and dinners and cousins are great, there's more to the Christmas season. And as exciting as new toys are, it's important for us to remember the real reason we celebrate this holiday. 
"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord...Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." 
Our Saviour died for us, and he lives today; and He, not presents or candy canes or Santa Claus, is the reason this season is so special. 

Merry Christmas, friends. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keep on smiling.

I love being home. [Mainly because there's real food, free laundry, and my family.] Also because I get sushi dinners. For Emily's birthday, she wanted to have sushi for dinner and ride FrontRunner into Salt Lake, so that's exactly what we did. Six sushi rolls, a mango salad, and japanese ice cream balls later, we rode frontrunner to City Creek and then looked at the lights at Temple Square. 
[This was BEFORE Aubrey needed new pants, and my mom had to run with her across the parking lot and into Gordman's to accomodate.]
With a building this pretty, it really makes you wonder why people would want to get married anywhere else. Seriously. And even with what seemed like a million and a half people swarming Temple Square, the lights were incredible as usual, and the temple looked spectacular. 
We watched a...happy couple for a good five minutes, and then tried to take a picture of them. You can barely see them in the background, but the best part of the picture has got to be Emi's face. Pure luck that we caught that on camera, folks. 
After being in Logan by myself for two days, I came home right after work on Tuesday night. And decided to see the Hobbit with my family and the Jason and Bentley. [Maybe I'm just a hater, but I have never been more bored in a movie in my whole life. Seriously. And the fact it's only the first of three movies the same length...kind of makes me want to poke my eyes out. In other words, thought I might be a LOTR fan...not so much. The end.] The fact that the movie was in 3D meant a tool-time picture in the mirror was only to be expected. 
Seeing a three hour movie at 10:20 pm, does nothing good when you have to be up at six thirty the next morning. Yesterday was Bronson's birthday, so Bronson, Jon, Paige, Jackson, Jared, Kambria and I went snowboarding/skiing at Brighton all day long. After not being on a snowboard in two years, I spent a fair amount of time either flat on my butt or on my face. And I'm sore enough today to make sure I'm not doing that again for a litte while. But I got to spend all day with my best friends, and then we went to the Davis Viewmont hockey game too. [Which was probably the weirdest thing...sitting next to Bronson and Dylan when I'm used to watching them play. Good news though, we still lost. And Bronson predicted the score perfectly, right down to who would score how many goals.] Needless to say, yesterday was fantastic, and it was the perfect way to spend the last birthday for two years with my best friend. Happy Birthday, kid. :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Give me a break.

In case you were wondering, finals week is just as bad as everyone says. Countless hours in the library, reading textbooks until you want to poke your eyes out, and eating very little food--if any--in between study sessions. And all of this for a test, that at most, lasts two hours. It's ridiculous, really.
But, I survived. Creative Arts? A joke of class, which means I should have expected that the final would be just as big of a joke. 20 multiple choice classes. Every single answer was A. Biology? Not even bad...besides, it didn't count on my GPA. [Which makes all my studying kind of pointless, but I was proud of my score.] JCOM wasn't bad either, and most of it was review. But it was stressful. And finally, Psychology this morning. Paige and I studied forever yesterday, and we'll find out shortly if it actually paid off.
It's been a long week. Because on top of finals, I had to work. And got my fifth flat tire of the last month. And had to say goodbye to way too many people.
So. After Paige and I got no sleep, took our last final, cleaned our apartments, said goodbye to Bronson and Jon, took my car in for new tires [Thanks Dad.:)]  and attempted to appeal her parking ticket, we decided we needed food. So we moped about until we went to lunch, and now I'm just waiting to go to work so that I can get out of here. I've never wanted to be home so bad in my whole life.
It's been a long 24 hours. And I'm ready for Christmas break.

BUT. I get to be home in less than 12 hours. And I get sushi for dinner tomorrow. We're going to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert on Sunday. And it's almost Christmas. So even though life is stressful, and I should probably not talk to anyone today, I'm so grateful for what I have, for this semester up in Logan, and for the friends that I have. Friends that stay up studying with me, change my flat tires way too many times, wake me up for my final, and for friends that talk to me over Dr. Pepper and noodles, and sleep over so that I'm not alone in my apartment.

There was a shooting today in Connecticut, and 27 people--18 elementary school kids--died. So today? I'm counting my blessings that a flat tire and no sleep are my biggest trials. Hug your family a little harder, and be a little more grateful for the life that you have. Because we really have no idea what's coming next, and we are so lucky to be where we are with what we have.

Finals are over, I'm going home, and next semester shall be wonderful.
Until then? Merry Christmas from the Snitches of 102!

[Yes, we did devote a full hour of our lives to a photoshoot for this card. And yes, those are corduroy jumpers, turtlenecks, ugly sweaters, knee length tshirts, fishnets, and glitter bows. We're cute. Accept it.]

Saturday, December 8, 2012


I made A-Team!!!!!
Which means that I get to spend the next few semesters and summers working with all the incoming freshman, heading up orientation, USU's SOAR program, and mentoring classes for the Connections class that's offered before school starts in August. 
Which means that I get to live in Logan this summer with Lauren, and possibly Kelsey. 
Which means that life is so dang good. 
That's the moral of the story. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

See you soon.

With No-Shave November officially over, we've been able to watch some of our friends remove their facial hair in stages....these would Max's "star-burns." I didn't get the handle-bar mustache that accompanied them the next day, but this should just serve as a pleasant reminder to all of you that not all facial hair is creepy...some of it's just plain weird. [But Max, I still adore you. :)]
I got a text on Tuesday from my mom just as I was getting out of yoga and all it said was, "Mary says this is her crying because she misses you." I called her later that day and this is about how our conversation went. 
"Hi Mar! I saw your picture."
"Ohhhh, yeah."
"Were you just so sad?" 
"You're just always gone, Ash! And I miss you. Can we have a sleepover?" 
I admire the innocence and pure love this little girl has...and I miss her more than anything else. I can't wait for Christmas Break. 
Kelsey is a winner, and she wore this lovely ensemble to the Ambassador [or Ambadassador, depending on who you ask] Christmas party. Opaque red tights, pleather red boots, a Christmas t-shirt, and a Christmas sweater, complete with jingle bells, all tied together with a tacky red bow in her hair. I absolutely adore this girl, and wouldn't ever wake up on Tuesday and Thursday mornings if it wasn't for her. Thanks, Kels. :) 
For our Relief Society activity this month, we had a steak dinner and made ornaments. We wanted to get a picture taken with all of us roommates and our ornaments, so we asked Morgan to do so...and this is what we got out of it. Four pictures of Morgan's face, and one decent picture of us snitches. We'll keep Burns around, I guess. 
Cute, aren't we? And Kelsey and I even made an ornament, and we're the least crafty of the six of us. [Yes, it may just be a clear ornament with a Wendy's coupon in it that we're going to smash like they do in a Jewish wedding ceremony as soon as we both finish our JCOM final, but don't judge us. We tried.]
And now, it's time to crackdown for finals week. So the six of us migrate to the library, and don't move for six hours. [Except for mental health breaks, where we run stairs and people watch until we have to study some more.] Which is exactly what we're about to do for the second time of many, as soon as we get our study food and pack our bags for nightly hibernation. The moral of the story is, I'm signing off until next week. [Except for the A-Team announcement tomorrow, which is giving me an ulcer the size of a small country.] Time to put the Dr. Pepper in an IV line, and stock up on Polar Ice gum, since that's the only thing that keeps me focused on the fact that I can't be snacking constantly. Yay finals week, and good luck to you kids doing the same. See ya never. :) 

Monday, December 3, 2012

We're just different.

Friday night, I had to work until close, which is at 2 a.m. I got home around 2:45, and all of the lights in my apartment were still on, so I knew my roommates were awake...but I couldn't hear them or find them anywhere. So I walked into my room to change, and they started singing. From my bed. Wrapped in Christmas lights. I guess I'll keep them around. 
My interview for A-Team went really well, apparently, because I have an individual interview today at 4:45. Laur, A-Ludd, and Em helped me pick out an outfit for today so they'd all feel partially responsible if I make it...we'll see how it goes. 
After I untangled the snitches from the lights, we moved our mattresses out into our family room and had a giant sleepover Friday and Saturday night. We slept until noon...and even though I've never done that before, it was so nice. First time I've had more than 8 hours of sleep in who knows how long. Even though I woke up in the crack between mine and Kenzie's bed at least three times and probably spent a majority of the night on Kenzie's mattress, it was great. And made for an even more entertaining Sunday nap session. 
When the restaurant you work at doesn't need anymore one dollar bills, you get stuck with way too many of them. So Paige decided it would be fun to throw them all over my bed and then roll in them. The ultimate waitress problem, right here. The bank is going to love me today. 
Kenzie and Adrienne did a dress rehearsal of our Christmas surprise, and decided that rather than both being elves, Kenzie was going to be a pregnant polygamist. I'm telling you, my life would be much less entertaining if these two weren't such a huge part of it. 
Jon and Bronson spent a large part of the last 48 hours in our apartment and we kept them up way too late every night, watching Warrior, making cupcakes, and last night....we painted Jon's nails. He'd make a great hand model, wouldn't he? 
We wanted to see what Jon would look like with long Emi volunteered her mane...and really, we just wanted you all to appreciate Jon's shirt. DisneyWorld sells some quality looking clothing, my friends. 
It's been quite the weekend, and this week is going to be an adventure. A-Team interview today, work tomorrow, and the Aggies play the Cougars on Wednesday in Provo [you better believe we're making the drive down there.] Then more work, more work, and finals next week. Living on the edge of crazy makes life that much more entertaining. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

A million at once.

Creative Arts is the most pointless class offered at Utah State. We had to go see "Miracle on 34th Street" this week...and after Lauren and I slept through the entire first act (it's been a long week. Don't judge.) we spent all of intermission snapchatting Jon, Bronson, Paige and our roommates, and making friends with the light technician. Ignore our faces...we were concerned, since the last play we'd seen had scarred us for life.
After Miracle on 34th....we discovered that Emi was the next attraction. Ladies and gentlemen, my best friend. 
My roommates and I have some interesting conversations...the highlight of this week? Adrienne told us that she thinks she was adopted. From the pound. So all week long, we've been teasing her about being a dog. It didn't help that her family wants to get another puppy, and we think they should name it Adrienne--since obviously they need a replacement for her. The day after this enlightening conversation, this slide came up in Creative Arts. [I'm telling you, we learn nothing important. Scratch that, we learn nothing in that class.] So of course we snapchatted it to Adrienne, and her response was a very passionate #woof
As a last hurrah before finals week, and the last concert before Hailee leaves, we went to see We Are the In Crowd, The Wonder Years, and...YELLOWCARD. It was incredible. And as soon as the first chords of Ocean Avenue were played, my entire life [at least since 8th grade] came full circle. Seriously, they were so good. 
And finally? The boys of 106 would like to wish you a Merry Christmas with their new wall decor. I have such attractive neighbors. 
Well friends. I have an interview for A-Team today [and I really really really want to make it.] and I have to teach relief society on Sunday. So I'm going to go teach a bunch of A-Team hopefuls how to successfully cradle a lacrosse ball and prepare a lesson on who knows what. Cheers to the freaking weekend, folks. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Back to reality.

Thanksgiving break was wonderful. Even though I was home for a grand total of maybe 48 hours, having no school for five days was blissful. I had to work Tuesday night, so I got to stay up in Logan all by myself until Wednesday afternoon. [It's terrifying. I don't recommend it.] But when I got home Wednesday, I got to go to lunch with three of my favorite human beings. After working with Kaylene, Kim and Ally for nine months on our "baby" of a girls' camp, I decided I want to be just like Kim and Kaylene when I grow up. Seriously. These ladies are the best of the best. [So are Tara and Julie and all the girls on our committee, I just went to lunch with these three.] Kim and Kaylene got this chicken sandwich...and while Kaylene's was decent sized, Kim's was a seriously half a chicken on a bun, paired with a head of lettuce and a massive pickle. Watching her eat it was entertaining, to say the very least. Long story short, I am so glad I have these ladies in my life. They're on the list of people I look up to the very most, and if I could be half as awesome as Kaylene and Kim are when I'm grown up, I'll be satisfied.
The next best part of coming home was being with my baby sisters. There's nothing better than having a sleepover with your three-year-old sister, especially when she talks in her sleep. [I woke up Wednesday night to her rubbing my hair. I asked her what on earth she was doing, and her only response was, "Ash. Your hair is soooo soft." I just rolled over and went back to bed.] She's also the only one who will take funny face pictures with me, so we took an abundance of them. I forget how much I miss these kiddos until I come back up to school and Doc McStuffins isn't on our TV, and there's not a massive pile of toys waiting behind the chair. Needless to say, I like my family.
Of course, Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what we have. And I was very grateful for the food. Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad with homemade dressing, raspberry jello salad, rolls, and my Grandma's creamed corn and zupfa. I'm telling you people, this meal alone could keep me satisfied until the new year. And everyone knows the leftovers are the best part...which would be why I have a loaf of zupfa in my cupboard. It's the best part of the meal.
Last, but definitely not least, I got to see one of my best friends. Emily moved to Kaysville right before senior year started, and from then on we did everything together. She and I got a job at the same restaurant, were in all the same dance groups, and she's the one I dragged around with me everywhere I went. Her sister did my hair, and I think she owes me at least her first child for all the lunches I bought her. It's probably fine.:) But then, at the end of June, she went to California for the summer to help her aunt and I didn't see her again until right before I moved up to school. Going two months without your best friend sucks, so we survived the first three months of college with Skype--and lots of it. But this Sunday, I forced her to come to a farewell with me. Even though she's three hours away at BYU-I hate it here, she's one of my best friends. And my sister. And I miss her like crazy. But in two weeks? She'll be home for good. And I've never been more excited. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A tad forgetful.

So. I missed a week. And I don't have time to catch up on everything. Just know that I am so grateful for my life in general. I have the world's most amazing family [who sends me cookies as a surprise with the rest of the stuff I forgot.] the best roommates [who are my best friends.] the greatest friends [who put up with everything I do.] a fun job [that makes me far less stressed about life.] and some of the sweetest boys in the world [who fix my tires, explode watermelons, and go grocery shopping with me.] and I couldn't be happier with where I am.
However, I am going to do a delayed post for the 18th. The 18th would have been my Grandma's 60th birthday. Even though she passed away two and a half years ago, I'm thankful for her and her example every day.
She was the best example of selfless service I've ever seen, and true Christ-like love. She put everyone else before her, and loved like no one I've ever known. And I'm grateful for that example everyday of my life. I miss her every single day, and even more so during the holidays, but I'm also grateful for the sure knowledge I have that I will see her again. And I can't wait for that day. 
Now, to today's post. 

November 20th: Today I'm grateful for a whole lot of little things that make every day easier. I'm grateful for a warm apartment, and hot water. I'm grateful for electricity, and a warm bed [that I really never want to leave] I'm grateful for cars, and for my iPod. I'm grateful for my computer, and the stereo in our apartment that will let us listen to Christmas music full blast come Friday. I'm grateful for 24-hour drive-thru's when we're too wide awake to sleep and need some ice cream. These, and a million other little things, make my life so much easier and so much more fun. And I'm grateful for that. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The way it looks.

November 12: I've always loved English, and I love to read. So it only makes sense that finally, I can call myself an English major. I love to read, love to write, and as Bronson put it, I say probably twice as many words as anyone else. I'm also kind of obsessed with quotes...and have a board with over 1,000 of them on my Pinterest. [Pathetic, I know. But I'm not a crafter. Or a cook. So my boards are mainly quotes and clothes. Deal with it.] Today, I'm thankful for my all the incredible books out there, the plays, the poems, and the people who created them all. Now for some of my favorite quotes, Pinterest style.

Not only do I love quotes, whether they're funny, cute, sad, inspiring, or mind boggling, I am an avid reader. I could read Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture" or Alexandre Dumas' "The Count of Monte Cristo" seven millions times and never get sick of them--and I've probably come pretty close to that many readings. Which brings me to my very favorite quote in the whole world.
At the very very end of the Count of Monte Cristo, the Count is writing a letter to his friend before he leaves with Haidee, and leaves his old life for the last time.
The Count tells Morrel, "There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. It is necessary to have wished for death, Maximillien, in order to know how good it is to live. Live then, and be happy...and never forget that until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words--Wait, and Hope."

Words, words, words, people. They're a big deal.

November 13: I'm grateful for the standards that I keep. Last night, we had to go see the play "A Chorus Line" for my creative arts class...and it was one of the worst things I've ever watched. So many vulgar, crude, and nasty jokes. A whole lot of swearing. And nothing in it was even slightly redeeming.  It was so uncomfortable. But it did teach me something--there are things in this world deemed "high culture" that are just as low as the lowest culture out there. And I know my standards, and know what I think is okay. I'm glad that there are some things out there that are okay though, and that I know what's what. I'm grateful for the standards and ideals that my parents helped instill in me, and for the beliefs that I have being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That's all, really. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Never far away.

November 11: I should really wait a week for this post so it could be her birthday, but I'm too impatient for that. I'm so grateful for Miss Boston Workman. Our mom's have been friends for a while, and we kind of got thrown together--but I couldn't be more thankful for that fact. After weekly sleepovers [not enough.], walking home from church, and "doing homework" together as often as we could, I can promise you that no one has put up with me at 3 am more than Bost has, and the world will forever be indebted to her for that. She's been through a heck of a lot, and she's never stopped being the best example I've ever had. Her testimony is incredible and she is one of the most caring people I've ever met. Plus, she has excellent taste and gets me ready for things and takes me shopping with her. Sometimes, we even dress up like wild animals and take boys on dates. But only sometimes.
I got to talk with her for a few hours today, and I'm so glad I have a best friend that no matter how long we go without seeing each other, we can start right back where we left off. And she won't judge me for anything I do, say, or laugh at--and we tell each other everything. She's the older sister I never had, and I am so glad we're friends.
I miss this girl like crazy, and wish more than anything that we could have sleepovers every week and she could help me with my math homework every day. But regardless of where we are, or how far apart we live, I know that she will always be one of my best friends--mainly because she's knows far too much about me, and I know far too much about her. And because I absolutely adore every thing about her.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Everywhere I turn.

November 10: Go Radio. Katy Perry. Mayday Parade. Yellowcard. The Killers. Taylor Swift. Anberlin. Adele. Ed Sheeran. Regina Spektor. The Black Keys. Bon Iver. Carrie Underwood. All Time Low. Christina Perri. Coldplay. The Eagles. James Blunt. Every Avenue. Sara Bareilles. Fun. Ingrid Michaelson. Jimmy Eat World. Katy McAllister. Lady Antebellum. Maroon 5. Parachute. Muse.
Just a few of the bands and artists I am grateful for today. Because without music, my life would be rather dull. I'm so glad I live in a world where we have millions, if not billions, of songs at our fingertips, and even more grateful for the love of music my mom has instilled in me.
Music has a crazy way of making you feel things differently, and it cements memories in your mind better than anything else. Songs like Just the Way You Are, Every Time We Touch, So Close, 22, and E.T. will forever be associated with specific people. Emi and I have a playlist that will always remind us of driving to hockey games, and a bunch of the Top 40's will always remind me of Homecoming and high school dances.
Not only does music help you remember things or bring about emotion, it impacts people--or at least me--on a spiritual level. I can listen to talk after talk by all kinds of speakers, and feel the Spirit. But the second the choir starts singing, or a musical number steps up, it's overwhelming. I cry faster during the hymns than during anything else. And I know that it's because music is one of God's greatest gift to us.
I love music, and I wish I had any talent at all in that area. But I'll stick with appreciating everybody else in that field, and be forever grateful for the sheer beauty that it brings into my life.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Trying not to fall.

November 9th: It's a blizzard outside up here in Logan, and as much as I hate snow and cold and wetness, I will admit that new snow is one of the prettiest things on the planet. Because snow means holidays, family, fires, food, and smiles. It smells like pine needles and hot chocolate, peppermint and cinnamon, and tastes like eggnog, nutmeg and candy canes. And Logan is the epitome of winter, if we're keeping track. So today? I'm grateful for the opportunity to live and go to school on such a beautiful campus. I don't know how many people can truly say that they absolutely love their school and everything about it. Yes, my classes are boring. Most of my professors are crazy. And I don't sleep nearly enough. But I'm loving every single second of my life [except for right when my alarm goes off in the morning. Then I really hate life.] Today's just the first of far too many freeze-your-tail-off days, and one of even more school days where I don't want to walk to class. But it's so worth it.

I'd rather be an Aggie than anything else, and I wouldn't trade being up here for the world.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Been there, done that.

November 8th: Today, I'm grateful for all the clubs, teams, and groups I've been a part of over the last few years. I did a lot in high school, and sometimes it was a little overwhelming. But I wouldn't do it any other way if I could do it again. The people I met, the stuff we did, and all the things I learned have helped me become who I am right now, and shaped who I will be in the future.
First off, there's D-TV. [Yes, I am aware this is a picture from junior year. Deal with it.] Working with these kids for three years was the best decision I made in high school. We may not have gotten along all the time--we were lucky if we made it through a single day without hurt feelings--but I learned more from this class than just about anywhere else. We didn't place as high as we did in our competitions by sheer, dumb luck. We worked hard for those spots, racing to meet deadlines and spending hours in the back room after everyone had gone home taught me more about hard work than I'll ever learn anywhere else. Now, I'm done with journalism and such for the time being and I miss it more than I can say,  but I will always be grateful for the chance to work on such an incredible team.
Second, there's Davis' seminary council. As much as I hated waking up at the crack of dawn every Tuesday when I could have been sleeping in, I'm so glad I did. Working with the 10 other kids on council, as well as Brother Burton and Brother Barrus was the best thing to happen to my testimony so far. Coming up with ideas to help the seminary kids and planning all sorts of activities was a hassle most of the time, but the testimonies we got to watch develop and the friends we saw being made was worth every second. Now these kids are all over at school and Jace is on his mission, and I rarely see anyone but Jeni and Chloe. But I will forever be grateful for these guys and the influence they had on me and my testimony. 

 Lacrosse was a spur of the moment decision junior year, but it was so much fun. Playing the world's most random sport with some of the best girls at Davis was the highlight of my junior and senior year. Junior year's team was fun, but senior year was even better--I had all of my junior friends and my little sister on the team with me, and I got to play my aunt too. As hard as it is to find time for two hour practices, multiple games a week, and conditioning on Fridays, it was worth every second, every sore muscle, and every bruise.

Last, but definitely not least, are my South Bench girls. Having 10+ girls my age in my ward is definitely the best way to grow up. Girls Camp is always a party, and you have built in friends no matter where you go. Even though they're all only a year--and barely a year at that--younger than I am, they'll always be the baby bees. I miss Sunday school and young women's with all of them and Christie, Ann and Cyd every single Sunday. YSA wards just aren't the same, and daily snap chat conversations with Megan just don't cut it. I'm so glad I grew up in a ward where everyone is so close and us girls basically grew up as sisters. I'm so grateful for all of these crazy girls, and for the fact that I know we'll always be friends. Thanks, kiddos.