Thursday, August 30, 2012

You show us that Scotsman.

We've survived almost a whole week of school! More adventures from this week included: 
Stalking Kenzie after church while she was on the phone. And yes, I did take this picture to make it look as creepy as possible. 
When we get really tired, we chat on the kitchen floor and make goals for our weeks. Then we put them in a plastic bag, and freeze them. (It didn't work out nearly as well as we intended, but it's the thought that counts.)
We get enough free ice cream to feed a third-world country. And these people wonder why we all gain 15 pounds. (It's a good thing my closest class is a 15 minute walk, at best. I'm the exception to a not so pretty rule.)
All she does is abuse me. Both physically, emotionally, and mentally. Like, she sits on me all the time and tells me I can't go to sleep. Rude. 
Kelsey takes NyQuil, and then proceeds to give us two hours of live entertainment and free back massages. Really, it's quite entertaining. 
We found OKONKO. (This is one of those moments where you won't have any idea what I'm talking about unless you took AP English.) But really, we were so excited we all texted Ashley Cross. 
And last, but certainly not least, we have classy decorations. Kelsey was comparing her ridiculous amount of water consumption to raging alcoholics. 
We attended our first Aggie football game tonight, and photobombed a "The-Stoop-Goes-to-College" picture. It's Friday tomorrow. And we get to go home. Yay. :) 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Every last disguise.

Three hours worth of Connections is a much better idea than six hours. Final convocation? Surprisingly interesting. And we're done! To celebrate, we went shopping. 
[Side story: This morning while I was walking to class, I got a text from my dad that said, "When you crawl out of bed miss 2 am blogger you'll find I put some money in your checking account. Go and buy yourself a first day of school outfit. Love m & d." Basically, it made my whole day better, and it gave me something to look forward to all day long. My parents are cooler than yours, I promise. And I love mine, a whole lot.] Emi, Kenzie and I went to the D.I. to try and find rugs for our apartment, but then we realized that would be gross. So we moved to Ross. And came home with three bags worth of clothes, but nothing for the dorm. Oh well. 
Dallin and his roommates had us come check out their "sweet" decor, and their brilliant stadium seating. Emi despises the word snuggle, so we dubbed the upper level of the couch the "snuggling couch." She and Dallin then pretended to re-enact a snuggle sesh. [I'm done saying that word forever now. It's seriously nasty. And no, there was no real snuggling going on. We did however steal some Gatorades from Vince. He's great.]
We like Twitter, and think we're more funny than we actually are. But this tweet was priceless. Especially because it's true. Singles wards/Institute scare me. Too many people my age and not enough noise. Weird. 
Max spent a majority of the evening attempting to "figure out every aspect of his life" on our kitchen counter. He didn't move while we cooked our dinner, cleaned our fish bowl, or hooked up our T.V. He's not good for much else anyway. [Just kidding. He helps us move in and offers us the service of his roommates whenever we need it.]
For graduation, I [meaning my mom] got Emi a "Crustache."  Today for lunch, she finally had the chance to use it. Really, it's probably the coolest kitchen supply we have. 
These are our fish, Frank and Flo. At one point they were a really pretty gold, but now they're more of a sick pasty white hue. It's not very pleasant actually, but we cleaned their bowl and gave them fresh water and we hope they survive the first week of school. Cross your fingers. 
My roommates are cuter than yours. And sometimes, our outfits coordinate enough that we could take family pictures if needs be. [Lauren coordinated too, she was just buying her laptop at the time and missed our tool time shot.] Really though, I lucked out on roommates. These girls make me laugh, and they think I'm funny, which doesn't happen often. We're all so different, but we get along wonderfully. [Unless you bring up the boys from 402, and that's another story entirely.] We've survived a week, and I'm sure we'll make it the rest of the year, as long as we can all get our laundry done and remember that throwing quesadillas is never a good idea. 
The institute activity was at the Eccles Ice Arena tonight, and even though I didn't get to skate--200 something pairs of skates and upwards of 700 people doesn't end well for a vast majority of the 18+ LDS community in Logan. But hey, we got free pizza.--I did get super excited for the hockey games. Kenzie and Adrienne thought the rink was freezing, but I was just so excited to be by ice again I could barely handle it. 
After the Institute activity, we went to Wal-Mart to see if we could find the cable whose absence was making our lives slightly less exciting. We found said cable, hooked up our TV, and now have access to a bazillion channels and can watch Psych, Modern Family, and TLCCCCCCCC. [The excitement was very well expressed, believe me.] We attempted to watch Hunger Games with Mitch and Josh and their crew, but resorted to our place again.] After a movie, mini golf through our stools, and a week full of change, we all crashed--hard.
Good thing church is at 11 tomorrow instead of 9, right? 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Strange things are happening.

Logan is awesome. Tonight, we got to go on an adventure up and down Main Street and get lots of free food and coupons. Chick-Fil-A gave out free sandwiches, and Emi just had to have her picture taken with the cow. (The pictures are out of order, just be prepared.) And then we got to go watch Candace play volleyball. And screamed like little girls from the front row. 

During our Taste of Logan tour, we went into Needham Jewelers and got these fabulous t-shirts. We then wore them to the whole game, and only 1308.120834 people said, "You're both single, so you should date." Then, when they realized there were three of us, things got weird. So we went back to our apartment to make peach smoothies with our free peaches--which turned out to be nectarines in reality--and burned out a blender in the process. So they took pictures with J-Biebs because they're single, and he wants to make them shine brighter than the snow. 

We modeled our shirts for the jewelry company as fantastically as we could and decided that we could no longer be single. So Josh and I played awkward third wheels while Emi and Mitch declared their love for each other. 
Emi's mom warned her to stay away from RM's...and we're both armed with pepper spray, so when he pulled a move she struck. [Not really, this was just the photo of the day for Kelly.]
And last but not least, Shelby (my A-Team mentor for Connections) made us Aggie cookies for our last full day of Connections. So much free food today, and I loved every second of it. Tomorrow, we get to meet David Baron, the author of The Beast in the Garden. Then, Connections is over (THREE HOURS EARLY!) And we get a whole day to recuperate before real school starts on Monday. 
College is fun. And stadium seating in the family rooms of Old Farm? Definitely cool. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sometimes things change.

Things I've learned so far: 
1. You should always keep a sharp knife in your bag, if not for anything else other than to cut a six foot Subway sandwich that your Connections class needs to eat. If you don' have to sanitize a hatchet with your spray hand sanitizer and then proceed to chop the sandwich into messy piles that somewhat resemble edible food. 
2. Walking to First Dam is never a good idea. Especially with 30 people, one of whom is short a foot for the next two weeks. [Not really, just in a boot after arch reconstruction. I'll spare you the details.] So instead, you should always ride in the back of your instructors truck in groups of 15, and attempt not to fall out on 4th North. 
3. When the girls next door put up signs offering crepes to anyone who shows up, you should be prepared for mass amounts of noise and far too many people to process any coherent thoughts. Or, you should just go back to your own apartment, prop your door open, and accept the "run-off" of people that are spilling all over the first floor of Snow Hall. Really. That's the best option for everyone. 

4. Comedians who come do free shows on campus are always a good idea. Better idea? Sit in the very front row with all the girls on your floor and laugh at everything and make snarky comments [EMI.] at all of his jokes aimed at your best friend's weird obsession with Honey-Boo-Boo Child. 

5. Also, when you see old friends/people from high school/someone you once met at some random place, always attempt to make it as awkward as possible. Their facial expressions will be excellent, and sometimes it teaches you new things. Yelling to the boy who volunteered at the magic show--who also happened to be super cute?--happens to live on our floor. You're welcome, roomies. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It started out like this.

We're officially in. It's a little weird. However, it's probably the best thing we've ever done. Hanging out with random strangers until the wee hours of the morning, and exploring a campus that is too big for our own good. We go to sleep at like 11....(just kidding, HI MOM!) And wake up at seven in order to get to a class that is a huge waste of time. [disclaimer: we do not share a bed. This was just for the sake of sending a picture to my mom of us going to bed, on time.]
Kelsey and Lauren are Utah State Ambassadors, so they get to go to spiffy leadership conferences and spend the week in Bear Lake. [Hey guys. Come home. We miss you.] So while they get to go to these conferences, they also get food. Being the wonderful roommates that they are, they bring us back coookies since we are starving college students and all. But Kelsey leaves us a note that says they're from homeless men....and I freak out that we're going to get some disease for an extended period of time...until they inform me that it was just a joke and they are actually from the USU Catering Services. Yeah. NOT COOL OR FUNNY. [disclaimer: I didn't die, and they were actually quite delicious. Thanks roomies.]
Since today was the "first day of school," we all had to plan our outfits out like we were children again.  Emi and I accidentally planned the same shirt...and she also wore hers with matching shorts, just so she could be a salmon. [accompanying fish dance included, and no, she didn't really wear this to school. Thank heavens.]
We're cute. That's the moral of the story. We had to take pictures of us being big kids and going to college and the like, so this is us commuting around to connections. Yes, we are in the same shirt, and yes, our hair is done the same. No, we are not twins. Thank you. 
Last, but certainly not least, I Skyped with my family tonight. Yeah, they're only an hour away, but it was fantastic--other than the fact that they've already taken over my room. It's whatever. I leave the house for 3 days, and they move in to my domain, and Britt breaks her finger. I can't leave these people alone. 

So. Basically college is wonderful. I'm on new people overload, and we're all slightly scarred from the welcome dance today, but we'll live. We're not starving--yet, and we've all gotten our homework done on time--so  far. There are people in our apartment constantly and I still have no idea who half of them are, but yay for new people and not being in high school anymore. A majority of Davis High may live in Snow Hall, but other than the few boys who seem to live on our couch, we don't see much of them. Yay for college, new people, and grocery shopping by ourselves. [which was weird. super weird.]

Sunday, August 19, 2012

All grown up.

Twelve hours from now, I'll be on my way up to Logan with my best friend. We're almost completely moved in, and the rest of the roommates join us tomorrow. (Family Home Evening? Be prepared. Snow 102 is the coolest dorm on campus. Just wait. ) Since I'm all grown up now, and it was my last weekend home, we went on a few adventures. 
Last night, we went to Johnny Rockets with the SSMT (figure it out.) after we'd shopped and explored Centerville all day. Then we went up to Kyle's to watch a movie. Considering the fact that it was Hailee, Haley, Emi, Maddy and I there, he got out-voted pretty quickly on the movie. Our bad. The night before, Hailee, Kyle and I went up to Mueller Park to build a fire, and realized that we would in fact survive in the wilderness if it ever came to that point. The things I learn with these kids. 
I spent Monday-Thursday babysitting the three girls while Ryan, Brittany and my parents were on Trek. We school shopped, went to Zupa's, and played at the pool. I'm gonna miss these hooligans. 

And last but not least, my baby sister is a psycho. She decided that since Mom was gone, she could drive her car with her eyes closed and no hands, and backwards. Weirdo. 

Pointless post, but the moral of the story is, I definitely won the friend lottery. Also, my siblings are the best I could ask for. And even though I'm only going to be an hour away, I'm going to miss all of them like crazy. Yay for Skype and Google+ Chat and FaceTime. 

Be prepared for some epic intro to college posts. Seriously. It's going to be the adventure of a lifetime. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

I can do it too.

This whole moving out thing has done wonders for my creativity. [Just kidding, it's really just motivated me to get a start on the projects on my "Someday When I'm Creative" board.] I have a rather large collection of earrings, and there was no way I was going to have room for a jewelry box in my dorm room. So using a post I found, (you can read it here) I made my own earring-display-holder-thing-a-ma-jig. It was super easy, and only cost me around $10--which could have been way less, I was just OCD about having colored wire, and that ended up being more expensive.
I bought a frame, mine's 9 by 13, and removed the glass, backing stuff, and everything that was around the wood. Then I took these little eye screws and spaced them down the sides of the frame. 
(The other tutorials had staples or nails, this is just what I had on hand.) 
Then came m multicolored wire. I cut a length of wire that was double the width of the frame, plus a little bit so that I could twist and knot the wire. I twisted the wire in between hooks to allow "slots" for the earring posts to go in, but you can always do a single wire and just hook them over it.
Finally, I just had to narrow down my collection to the "bare essentials" of my earrings. Ummm, yes, I may have a problem. It's alright. Really. Super easy to make, and it coordinates with my jewelry tree that will be holding my bracelets and necklaces. (No, that collection isn't any smaller. Yes, I'm aware it's a lot of stuff.) 

So basically, contrary to popular belief, I can be crafty! Also, the fact that I'm moving in a week is weirding me out. My "college corner" is rapidly growing, and the amount of stuff in my room is shrinking, drastically. I still have to write my essay for my intro class, and finding a job would be nice. Any suggestions for awesome places that are hiring, let me know. Because I need a job. 

My parents are leaving on Trek on Monday, along with Britt and Ry. Which leaves me home with the babies, and we've got adventures aplenty to go on. Stay tuned. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

They don't take me seriously.

I move in less than two weeks, people. 
[breathe. phew. okay.] I guess the moral of the story is that things are changing, and it's weirding me out. Because for someone who loves to be in charge, this whole not being in control thing is rough. But. I'll survive. Because in 13 days, I'll be up in Logan, living with some of the best people I know--in a dorm that may test all of our kindness, but still--and meeting so many new people my mind will probably explode. Yay, college. 
Emi and I are headed up tomorrow to job hunt....and any ideas would be fantastic. Do any of you know of anywhere awesome that would be hiring? Or know of a place where you could put in a good word for two girls who just want a job? That'd be cool. Let me know. 

In other news, I melted. My hair, I mean. (Although if I really had, like Elphaba in I'd be cool.) And chopped a solid four inches off. Mature college hairstyles, FTW. I've also lived in a tent for the last four nights. The first three, because my little sisters wanted me to. Last night? Because I put my sheets in the wash and forgot to dry them, dangit. Welp. 

AND! Hailee, Emi and I discovered a beautiful app. It's probably old news, but Bump brought us far too much pleasure last night. And in a week that has been filled with far too little pleasure, this was a much needed reprieve--if sending each other the best pictures we had of Emi is pleasure, I guess. To each his her own? But really. This app is cool. You have to all have it in order for it to work, but then once you Each phone opens it, and selects the pictures or contacts you want to "bump" to the other person. Then you fist bump the other persons phone (or come up with more creative ways...which we've spent far too much time doing already.) and the pictures are simultaneously transferred to each phone, and automatically saved to your photo album. Simple pleasures, for some not so simple minds. 

And. Fantastic Mr. Fox? Excellent. We're mature. What of it. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's really a laughing matter.

aHem. Hmmm. aHEEmm. 
I apologize. I just have an important--and rather terrifying--announcement. Not that a whole lot of people read this and/or care, but as of Thursday afternoon, I will no longer be a full on brunette. [cue gasps and blonde jokes now.]
We're going for a little bit of this, mixed with a bit more blonde. Natural is a scary place to be, my friends, but here we go again. Also, so much for long lush locks. A couple inches past my shoulders and loads of layers is what I'm thinking. After all, I'm making about as many big changes in the next few weeks as I can handle...why not throw a vain change in there along with it?

I only have seven shifts left at work, and I didn't realize how weird that was until I realized that that means I only have three more nights of silverware rolling, two more batches of salsa to make, and seven more days to see all my favorite regulars. The very first couple I ever served came in today, and I laughed at how much things have changed in 10 months. I was terrified of this lady the first time, because she was all upset I didn't know she never drank the water and always ordered the same thing. Tonight though, I saw their car pull up in the far side of the parking lot and had their order sent before they even walked in. Old habits die hard, and that makes my job so much easier. I have a job interview up in Logan on Monday, and I'm super excited. Also terrified. Because that means a whole new set of reputations to build, new people to meet, and new jobs to learn. Oh well. C'est la vie. 

The Olympics are on right now too, and if cheering for hundreds of world class athletes from the USA doesn't make you proud to be an American, you have no heart. The women's gymnastics team took gold today, and Michael Phelps won his 19th Olympic Gold. Crazy, how these athletes are known world-wide...and most of them are barely past their 20's. Makes you wonder what you're doing with your life, doesn't it? 

One last thing...if anyone has any extra tickets to Wicked that they'd like to get off their hands, I'd do it willingly. Just saying.