Thursday, November 28, 2013

The reasons why.

It's the season of gratitude, and I have so much to be grateful for (50 things in this post to be exact). So settle down for a long one. 
50. My heated blanket: because when I woke up this morning and the heat had been turned down below 50 degrees, I could turn it up, and climb back into bed until it warmed up. 
49. Emilie Anne Facer: because everybody needs a twin sister who sticks it out through all the stupid decisions, crazy weekends, and missionary meltdowns. 
48. The Book of Mormon: because after a 23 hour day of school, work, meetings, and friends, the scriptures put everything back into perspective and help me refocus my life. 
47. Judith Anne Roche: because she had a pretty good reason to pretend like I didn't exist, and let me have a second chance instead. Because at 1 am when I'm approaching meltdown point, she understands me and knows exactly what to say. Because she understands me. #yousneakymom
46. Utah State University: because becoming an Aggie is the best decision I ever made, and I can't even begin to describe how much I love my school. I'll bleed blue til the end of time. 
45. Leggings: because sometimes pants are just way too much effort. 
44. Lauren Adamson: because she's lived with me for over a year now and still puts up with my quirks. She listens to me rant, complain, and talk her ear off, and makes me laugh on a daily basis. Because she's a constant example to me of what I want to become. 
43. The post office in the TSC: because when I'm an awful person and forget to write that missionary of mine, the two old men that work there are always curious about how "my friend in Michigan" is doing and if he's been writing me back. 
42. Dr. Pepper: because nothing puts me in a better mood faster or cures the migraines that seem to attack every five seconds.
41. Mary Alayna Lindberg: because she's the reason I try to be the best I can every day. Because she makes me laugh like nobody else can. Because she's my best friend. 
40. My car: because sometimes I just need to leave, get out. 
39. Emily Breanne Elliott: because she taught me how fast an irreplaceable friendship can be made, and tests my patience like nobody else. Because even in Paris, she knows what I need. 
38. Professor Smitten: because a compliment from him is worth a million dollars, and the desire for one of those compliments pushes me harder and further than I've ever been. 
37. Morgan Elizabeth Coles: because she's been there since 8th grade and knows my fears and dreams better than anyone else. Because I know that even when we go months without seeing each other, we can pick right back up where we left off. 
36. Hockey: because it introduced me to some of the best people in my life. Because it gave me an excuse to go somewhere on a Wednesday night. Because it makes me feel like my best friend isn't quite so far away. 
35. My parents: because I wouldn't be here without them. Because they support me in everything I do. Because they made me the person I am today. 
34. Fine-tip ball-point pens: because I don't have room in my schedule for medium-tip, and it's the little things that make me happy. 
33. Braxton Moon: because nobody else can say that they've stuck around for six years. Because he's the only constant in my world full of change. Because he shares his hoodies, gummy bears, and happy hippos with me.
32. My major: because there's nothing else in the world that I love more than words, books, and talking. 
31. Trent Morrison: because he listens to my endless whining, goes shopping with me, and not only understands, but exceeds my love for Beyonce. Because he's a good cuddle buddy, and an even better friend. 
30. Glitter: because it's hard to be sad when you're sparkly. 
29. Ashley Allen: because she's the big sister I've always wanted and finally have. Because she gives me advice that no one else can. Because we're the same person, in so many ways it's terrifying. 
28. Coldstone: because red velvet ice cream can solve any problem in the world. Because ice cream is one thing that brings me and Jon Downing closer than anything else. 
27. Bronson Kunzler: because nobody makes me feel more loved, important, or special like he does. Because he knows everything about me and still thinks I'm incredible. Because he's the boy who has a majority of my heart. 
26. Kappa Delta: because a girl can never have too many sisters. 
25. My bed: because nothing feels better than a dozen pillows, blankets and my giraffe after an exhausting day. 
24. The Snitches of 102: because I wouldn't have survived my first year of college without them. Because they're my best friends, and the ones I would do anything for. 
23. Farmington, Utah: because regardless of where I live, nowhere brings me as much comfort, happiness, and nostalgia as Farmington's Main Street. 
22. These boys: because they've put up with me for five months and still make me laugh harder than anybody else. Because even though they drive me absolutely crazy, they're the best boys I know. 
21.  Country music: because Luke has my heart, Carrie understands, and Miranda tells it like it is. 
20. My Soarority girls: because they made this summer unforgettable and keep me sane. Because they're the best friends a girl could ask for. 
19. My planner: because there's no other way to keep track of my psychotic life. 
18. The Kunzler's: because they let me steal Bronson far too often. Because they let me in on their game nights. Because they're some of the most Christlike, selfless people I know and I'm blessed to have their family play such a huge part in my life. 
17. The piano: because when you can't leave the house and need to escape, nothing works better than Cristofori's Dream.
16. Hailee Jane Henson: because she understands my loathing of cancer. Because she inspires me to be a better person. Because she's the best example I've ever had. 
15. Hair-dye: because when you need a change but can't do a whole lot, it gives me a new start and a renewed sense of confidence. 
14. My cousins: because they're 30+ little minions who love me unconditionally. Because they give me a reason to be a good example. Because they cure me of my baby-hunger. 
13. A-Team: because it gave me the best summer job I'll ever have. Because I made 45 friends I wouldn't have made anywhere else. Because it made my summer unforgettable. 
12. My little brother: because he likes the same music I do and shares my love for In-n-Out shakes. Because he lets me beat him up....not. Because he makes me laugh. 
11. Sigma Phi Epsilon: because those boys have given me some of the greatest boys I've ever known. Whether it's Derek running to Hobby Lobby with me, Dusty dancing while I do my homework, Trevor going to dinner with me in his pajamas, Kurt giving me life advice, Zack finding me new music, Brady giving me a compliment, Kendall hacking my computer, or Matt experiencing Pumpkin Spice Lattes for the first time, these boys provide me with daily entertainment and friendships that I value more than I can express. Because I'd do anything for them and am blessed to call them friends. 
10. Marley McClune: because she accompanied me on a thousand adventures this summer and understands my soft drink addiction.
9. The temple: because it's given me the most important goal in my life and allowed me to have an eternal family. Because there's nothing more important to me than getting there someday with the boy I love, and the lessons we learn there are the most important knowledge I'll ever have. 
8. Liz Rumball: because she reminds me to wear my shoes, eat on a regular basis, and do my homework. Because at 2 am, she's the one I'm talking to in my car. Because she'll drop anything and everything to help me out. 
7. My oldest little sister: because she makes me food and watches movies with me. Because she shops with me even when she doesn't want to. Because she does everything with me and is my first best friend. 
6. My Viewmont boys: because high school was different because of them. Because they're my favorite dates, pen pals, and missionaries. Because they've changed my life--and continue to do so every day. 
5. Home: because whether it's Logan, Farmington, Kaysville, or anywhere with my best friends, I love the memories that accompany each place. 
4. My grandma: because she's my biggest hero and the greatest example I'll ever have. 
3. The priesthood: because whether it's a bishop's advice, a father's blessing, or my patriarchal blessing, I know what I'm hearing is coming from my Father in Heaven. 
2. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: because it makes sense when nothing else does. Because it never changes and is the sure foundation I need. Because it continually changes my life and allows me to serve in ways otherwise impossible. Because it's the only true church, and everything I need. 
1. My life: because as crazy and chaotic as it seems at times, I truly love every single aspect of it. Because I'm grateful for everything I get to do, the experiences I have, and the people I'm surrounded by. 
I'm a lucky girl, and I am very, very, blessed. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

I shmell someshing.

It's this pretty girl's birthday today, and I'm still a little bit in shock that she's 17. 
I'm in shock because it makes me feel old, and also because I think she's a lot older than she really is. 
Britt's the most mature person I know. She's my little sister, but she's way more responsible, organized, motivated, caring, and passionate than I am--or probably ever will be. 
She does everything I do, just better than I ever could. 
Not only does she do everything she wants to do, she does whatever I want her to do as well. 
Whether it's forcing her to play lacrosse, dragging her along for yet another unnecessary shopping spree, or making her make the brownies I need because I know I'll ruin them, she's always willing to help me out. 

We're eerily similar, and yet strikingly different, and I often question whether or not we're from the same gene pool. 
I love having dozens of people with me, and I don't mind attention. I live for the weekends and spending time with friends, and I hate quiet. 
Brittany is content with to spend time with a smaller group, and is even happier in a quiet place by herself with some random vampire book or her art stuff. 
She hates shopping, and is extremely good with money. 
She loves animals--one thing I will never understand. 
She's never been a huge girly-girl, but somehow manages to have the most beautiful head of hair I've seen short of Rapunzel in Tangled. 

Basically, she's everything good in this world. 
She has the kindest, softest heart of anybody I know.
She loves to serve and give to others, and spends more money on other people than she does on herself. 
She's motivated and focused, and one of the smartest people I know. 
She's a good listener, a great leader, and a better friend. 

She keeps me sane, and brings balance to my crazy life--and I'm so glad I have her to look up to. 
So thanks for being the best role model of a little sister a girl could ask for. I don't know what I'd do without you. Happy Birthday, Britty. :)