Wednesday, April 15, 2015

He's a cool Grandpa.

Happy birthday to the one who taught me how to fish [and didn't argue when fishing turned into laying in the sun on the roof of his boat], the one who encourages the sass my mother gave me, showed me that the "you won't get any cake if you eat that frosting off the cake" threats my grandma [and now mom] made were empty, and the only one who can make multiple marriages jokes at my expense without making me lose my temper. 
Happy birthday to the initial source of our family Aggie Pride[I mean, lets be real, he's the reason behind my love of Aggie Ice Cream since that was the first real food I ever ate], the one who put up with a thousand and a half sleepovers with all the cousins,  and the person who figured out the only way to keep me quiet was to promise me food. 
Happy birthday to one of the greatest examples and one of the biggest influences in my life. From a summer spent learning and teaching about the history of the Church in Nauvoo, to Family Home Evening lessons amidst dozens of screaming children, and learning the importance of forever families. 
Happy birthday to the one who taught me to believe in the magic of the "Quiet Game," robot-deer, and myself, the one who taught me to love National Geographic documentaries, sushi, and Secondhand Lions. 

He doesn't think he's a "cool" grandpa [even though he has Facebook now!], but he'll always be my favorite grandpa--and I'm not just saying that because he's my only grandpa. I'm grateful for the example he's given me and my family, and for the person he believes I can become. 
Not many people can say they have a grandpa who will fit an ice cream date in the middle of their board meetings and interviews and appointments....but I do. And for that? He'll always be my cool grandpa, and one of the most important people in my life.