Thursday, April 24, 2014

Give me a break.

It's "dead" week. 
And for an English major? That means "everything is due at the same time because we're English professors and we don't give real finals" week. 
So naturally, after reading about feminism and sexuality in Dracula and writing a 12-page response to an RFP...I needed a break. 
Life has been--well, actually, I don't know how life has been. It's been happening. That's the best I've got. I'll show you what life has been like lately. 

A lot of my sisters, a lot of my favorite boys, a lot of work, a lot of school. That's what I do--day in and day out. It's been overwhelming lately, and for the last three weeks I've been on the verge of every kind of breakdown [or at least that's what it feels like]. But it's life. And I'm lucky to be where I am with the people I am doing what I am. 

Happy Dead Week, Finals Week, whatever you want to call it week, lovelies! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Because of Him.

When Easter rolls around I can't help but get a little emotional.
Easter is the embodiment of every thing I love about this gospel. 
Resurrection, and our ability to become perfect. 
The Atonement, and the healing power it brings to our lives. 
The Plan of Salvation--and the opportunity to be with our families forever. 
Today is the perfect reminder of why we're even here in the first place.

The hashtag #becauseofHim has been popping up all over my social media lately. 
It's Easter Sunday, and 140 characters just isn't going to cut it today. 
Because of Him. 
Because of Him, I know that the mistakes I make every day are things I can be forgiven of. 
Because of Him, I know there's somebody who feels exactly how I'm feeling every moment of every day. 
Because of Him, I know that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me and is looking out for me. 
Because of Him, I know that there is a life after death. 
Today, I am especially grateful for the Plan of Salvation. I attended Bronson's grandpa's funeral this morning, and was overwhelmed with gratitude for the knowledge we have of an eternal family. I had only spoken with Jerry twice, but the goodness that radiated from him was incredible. As his family paid tribute to him and celebrated his life today, I said a silent prayer of thanks for the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to interact with in my life--the Kunzler's in particular. 
Four years ago, when my Grandma was in the ICU, Bronson showed up at my door with a bouquet of flowers and an offer to sit with me as I tried to handle what felt like my entire world falling apart around me. Later that week, he and his mom appeared once again at my door the night of my Grandma's viewing with a hug and a simple reminder that I would see my grandma again. 
Four years later, as that same sweet boy is teaching people in Detroit about the Plan of Salvation, I watched Karen say goodbye to her dad and [wished with every part of me that Bronson could be there] was grateful for temples, forever families, and the knowledge of a life after death. 
Because of Him, I know that my family will be together forever. 
Who wouldn't want to be with these monkeys forever?

Happy Easter, lovelies.